Treasurer Updates

Greetings from your Treasurer Ted Smith,

I have received the dues renewal request forms from WBCCI for 2019. Current members should have received an electronic copy of each individual form. If you have not received it check your spam folder, or contact me with an updated e-mail address and I will send it again. Or I can mail you a hard copy.

Please review the NYFLU 2018 Membership Directory which all of you should have received. If there are no changes in your personal information, you may just send me a check in the proper amount made out to NYFLU, and a statement that everything is the same as last year. It is helpful if new members who were not in the 2018 directory could fill out a Unit dues renewal form so that we have your basic information for the 2019 Directory.

We have entered the electronic age, WBCCI now offers membership renewal through their website with payment through Pay Pal, or credit card. I am notified when WBCCI sends your unit dues electronically to our unit checking account. This has been a great help to me, as well as saving in mailing expenses for the unit. The ability to send Dues Request Notices electronically, as well as e-mailing receipts is another savings. At the website you will be asked to answer a series of questions including if your current information is correct. It is not possible to review your personal information on line, so you will have to review the latest WBCCI Directory. Since our Unit Directory includes birthdays and anniversaries, as well as seasonal address changes, it will still be necessary to send a completed unit dues renewal form to me if you would like this information included in our unit directory.

Just a reminder that the WBCCI fiscal year begins August 1st – July 31st. and allows proration of WBCCI dues for NEW members joining part way through the year, however there is no provision for proration of Unit dues.  The 2019 International dues are still $65.00, and Unit dues are $10.00, ($15.00 for those members who do not have e-mail and want a hard copy of the newsletter mailed to them). Thus the total for 2019 will be $80.00, if you want The Grapevine mailed to you, $75.00 if you have e-mail and can print out your own copy of the newsletter. Please remember an up to date e-mail address is required to be able to receive an electronic copy of our Newsletter: “The Grapevine”.  I plan to have the hard copy renewal forms with me at any of the unit functions we attend this year.

You can find a copy of the dues renewal form here: 8.3.18 Dues Renewal Form

Thank you for your cooperation,
Ted Smith # 18294

PS: If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me or e-mail me at: